Agazork dictionary

All sounds and Agazork terms used in this applet are © appeal.
The German translations were taken from the Creative Genius team.
The background image of this page is derived from the one on the Sprache Der Talaner's website.
The 'state' icons come from the Gnome Project.
The flags icons come from the Books and Links Repository project.

Type in the top text ("search") field the agazork (talan) term, and its possible translations will be listed below.
Whenever the word exists as a sound, it will be played.
It is expected that you fill the search field with a regular expression, but nor the case nor the stresses are sensitive.
Follow this link for a quick reference to Java regular expressions.
You can also try my regular expression evaluator (Javascript needed).
Tip : pressing <Enter> will match the exact word.
For instance, let's say you've typed trad in the search field, but tradta is also printed : type <Enter> and trad will be selected.
Tip : if the puzzle icon in the upper-right corner goes red, you've typed an expression that is not a correct regular expression (try *foo to see the red icon).
Tip : You can type entire sentences, but currently not all the words in the Talan language can be played.
As a demo, copy and paste the following sentence in the search field : yo solam koi pok ko mae seyat am and press <Enter> (see to find more about this sentence).

Contact me if you have comments or if you want to get the sources.


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